Make Fannie Mae’s new promise a reality for the industry’s largest eventEvent and Customer Activation

The ask Illustrate to customers how Day One Certainty simplifies lending

Every year, Fannie Mae has an opportunity to engage one-on-one with their direct customers at the Mortgage Bankers’ Association Conference. This time around was a particularly important year, as Fannie Mae was unveiling their new company promise to the industry: Day One Certainty.

To create a memorable event and deliver the message in an impactful way, Fannie Mae tapped BondX to develop the expression and activation of this year’s theme. We helped develop a visual and experiential statement that would shape perception of Fannie Mae’s new promise and bring the housing market into a more positive outlook.

Our Answer Build a space that reflects our core values and gives lenders the Fannie Mae experience

BondX helped Fannie Mae stand out by crafting an event experience across every touchpoint in the lender’s journey. From the homey, welcoming space designed to evoke their core principles to the custom cocktail menu evoking the theme, visitors could see these values reflected throughout the presence.

Transparent walls to demonstrate open communications and a clear lending process. Strong, warm light to “enlighten” conversations between Fannie Mae’s representatives and their audience. Concrete accents for “stability”.

Fannie Mae made sure to make a lasting impression with small touches and details everywhere – even at the VIP dinner with their custom-made “certain-tinis”.


Activating customers through this strong brand reposition led many to turn heads and some to point out Fannie Mae as “the star of the show”. 

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