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The ask Create an experience beyond cool tech

The next generation of professionals is here. And in the tech-driven world of today, they have plenty of brands to choose from. Microsoft wanted to attract younger audiences with more than the style and functionality of its products. They went looking for a way to create a helpful, productive space to support Gen Z’s move into “the adult world.”

Our Answer Go beyond your typical job fair

BondX has been Microsoft’s agency of record for years, powering multiple aspects of their brand. Together, we tapped into Microsoft’s own property—LinkedIn—to create a nationwide series of interactive events designed to help students ready themselves for graduation and future success.

First impressions can be tough, especially on platforms like LinkedIn when you’re fresh out of school. We wanted to make one of the first steps in the job search as easy as possible: the professional headshot. Our team of stylists and photographers gave students an opportunity to put their best foot forward.

The second challenge as a student: building a compelling resume. We paired students with experts from LinkedIn to help those profiles – and resumes – shine bright. These hands on, one-on-one sessions gave students advice they can use for years to come.

Our research showed that simply writing down a goal dramatically increases the likelihood it will happen. Even more so when you state the goal to others. We invited students to confirm to themselves, and the world, that they’re ready to make a big impact. When the event was over, the board overflowed with readiness, making it clear the impact these students will have.

Career prep can be stressful, so we encouraged students to kick back in our Xbox lounge for some quality game time (and a bit of retro swag to remember us by).

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